Qualitech Public Company Limited determines to undertakes its business in good governance, intends morally run business accompany with focus on internal and external corporate social responsibilities. This is one of our strategies to endure continuity business development which covers controlling and developing personnel, runs business equitably for every parties, thinks over on safety and quality of services, takes action  to develop community, effectively utilize natural resources and also aware of environmental conservation.

Our company realizes that we undertakes the business in engineering and safety inspection services by providing Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection and certification service which is comply with international standard and law. It is our priority responsibility to strictly follow safety standard system in Thailand and oversea as our company value “Reliability, Safety, Agile, Customer Focus and Quality.”

The Office of The Securities and Exchange Commission report principle. Beside, our company attempts to complete and revise Corporate Social Responsibilities contents yearly.

Company emphasizes to treat employees impartially. Executives pay attention to all levels of employees. No matter where they graduated from, they would receive equivalent opportunity which depends on fairness of reward system. Beside, company is willing to support personnel development in career path, encourages employees to express their opinions by providing opinion box and also provide benefits, annual recreation events to support employees’ better quality of life.


Working day and time of employees is divided into 2 items as below;

1. Working hour in the office Monday to Saturday 08.00hr – 17.00 hr.

2. Working hour on site depends on clients’ agreement which accordance with Labor law 1998 and related laws.

According to conducting inspection services at Site area where clients appointed, it is difficult to specific certain working date and time. Therefore, the operator shall work under clients’ agreement. Due to flexible working date and time, company has provided suitably work reward for the operators.

For recruiting new employees, company considers from education, qualification, experiences and performance. Candidates shall pass writing examination, math examination, English test, computer skills test and also face to face interview. Candidates who pass the examination shall work as trainees, probation period is 119 working days to consider that candidates have potential and suitable qualifications for working in this position or not.

Reward and benefit management

The company has established the Employees’ Welfare Committee in accordance with the regulation of Ministry of Labor, which comprises of both employer and employee representatives, to take responsibility regarding to employees’ welfare.

Company has obvious reward and benefit regulations for employee by specified in Standing Instruction which is constantly revised. Company has payment policy for employees in term of monthly salary, work reward, direct position, overtime, specific certificate etc. such as

  • Provident fund
  • Life/health/accident insurance
  • Social security
  • Employee loan fund
  • Employee subvention for marriage/childbirth/relatives deceased
  • Scholarship for employees’ children
  • Uniform
  • Transportation
  • Diligence
  • Annual medical examination
  • Medical examination before work
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Get well basket

Company also set up welfare committee which consists of representative of employer and employee to discuss this matter.

Personnel development

Company determines to develop personnel because they are the significant part who drives the business to achieve goal and motivate organization to sustainable business development. As a result, company has focused on personnel development from the beginning till retiring as below details;

  • Arrange various orientations in basis company information, company’s scope of works, working regulations, safety induction, anti-corruption, business morality and company’s value.
  • Organize technical training such as Technical training for the best practice in operation such as Basic Welding for Welding Inspector, Radiation Test, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Penetrant Test, Working in Confined Space and Basic Radiation Safety Prevention, Visual Test, Working at height safety, ECT Level II ect. to develop operators’ specific technique skills to perform job properly and skillfully.
  • Arrange supporting course for management’s skill such as Time Management Digital  Economy, Presentation  Skill  Workshop, Business Plan  etc.
  • General Training for daily life such as Basic First Aid and Rescue, Basic Fire Fighting and Basic English for Technician.
  • Encourage employees to plan their career path in 2020, established Development Plan and Succession Plan to be the guideline for year 2021.
  • Annually schedule for training plan with proper budgeting in advance for effective training. In 2020, the company organized internal training and delivered personnel to train with outside training institutions for 119 curriculums (In-House training 86 curriculums and Public training 33 curriculums) covering all employees in every department.
  • Follow up employees after training to ensure that they fully understand contents from training course. Issue certificates and appoint for the re-certificate period.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment of Work

The company realizes importance of safety in life, occupational health of employees along with the relevant; therefore, the company stipulates universal standard occupational and safety management as guideline to build up good environment for work.

The company strictly follows the regulation by having Committee of Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment along with professional safety staffs to operate, control, monitor situations of safety, occupational health and work environment of the company to be corresponding to policy and work plan including promoting employees to realize precedence of building up safety and complying with policy of safety, occupational health and work environment as follows:

  • Making a preventive plan and risk reduction plan to face danger from operation or hazards in many areas in the company along with improving environment to be safe and checking equipment and tools
  • Promulgating knowledge, law and regulations of safety, occupational health and other relevant laws such as labor law, transportation law, regulations of Ministry of Industry etc. including informing amended law through electronic mail and billboard of the company so that employees can search for information as benefit to them to promote self-safety 
  • Apart from basic knowledge of safety, occupational health management system and safety of every employee. The company also educates the employees to prevent accidents regularly with training, publication on board and electronic mail that supports not only safety in work but also safety in routine life such as driving safely and work tools usage etc.
  • Setting up safety committee of the company by arranging a meeting to create safety policy with monthly follow-up
  • Submit and certified for occupational health and safety standard (ISO 45001)

Human rights and employees parity

To respect and appreciate in human right is the foundation of personnel development. Human resources are the main key to improve production and value added to endure business development. Company consistently aware of human rights by treating them equally, no matter what races, nationalities, gender, religions, poverty, disables person, sick person including respect and accept differences in thinking, society, environment, law and culture.

Company engages in the provision of Non-destructive testing, and Inspection/Certification services in accordance with international standards and regulations, aim to satisfy and assure that clients get the quality services by following up satisfaction survey and continuous on services improvement

The Company fully supports environmental conservation during the working process such as adjusting the working process to use natural resources to their fullest and most efficiently. The Power Saving Project sets the turn off time for the air-conditioning before the working hours finish in order to save the electricity bill and be environmentally-friendly and than provides the areas for garbage bins to separate hazardous waste before entering the appropriate destruction process. The Company has been certified as the Green Industry Level 2 so as to be part of carrying out the service activity with trade partners to reduce the impact on the environment and providing training on environmental knowledge according to provision of ISO 14001: 2015 for employees.

The Company recognises the importance of its corporate social responsibilities and pays close attention toits effects upon the community by supporting and regularly participating in community events. Our employees are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Over the previous year of 2020, the Company supported and attended the following social activities:

  • Set up the scolarship project “Qualitech Education Fund – Model for Education” so as to offer progressive scholarships to primary students in Rayong
  • Provide training sessions at the enterprise for students from Thai-Austrain Technical College, Chonburi, for Non-Destructive Testing Program so as to strengthen knowledge in learning and continue such knowledge in their internship.
  • Allocate personnel experienced in technical areas to be guest speakers to impart knowledge and hands-on experience to teachers from technical colleges in the northeast.
  • Provide an opportunity to students, university students and teachers to train and perform actual tasks so as to develop their knowledge and ability to adapt it in their profession.
  • Carry out chemical disposal with a certified company to ensure a quqlity disposing process that does not cause environmental problems.
  • The company carried out a campaign to encourage staff to conserve the environment, save energy, and  make worthwhile use of resources.
  • Supported scholarship for children of staff.
  • Supported Children Day activities for communities.
  • Donate commodities to Camillian Social Centre, Rayong so as to help HIV and AIDS patients.
  • Give computers to Bann Plang Community, Rayong for social work.
  • Donate money to Phramongkutklao Hospital Foundation, Bangkok to promote and support the work of doctors and nurses.

Consistently abiding by good governance principles and corporate social responsibilities are at the very core of our organizational values and culture, and are of greater importance than only participating in the communities’ events from time to time. The Company intends to develop business sustainably to ensure that interested persons gain mutual benefits both in the short-and long-term. Our clients and business partners grow together and also support the community and society sustainably. The Company still intends to support new innovations to carry on research and development. Additionally, the Company supports employees in expressing their ideas and creativity in term of value for the economy, society and the environment by continuously arranging various training courses in any related fields and exchanging information, ideas and opinionsthrough the “Executives Meet Employees Event”.